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TaSUBa offers a three-year diploma program in dance, drama, fine arts, music, and stage technology. Students can also take short courses of varying duration. From the outset, the training program was very practical, with emphasis on physical activity, thus reflecting traditional cultural forms. Students learned through apprenticeship with hands-on tutoring. When the college was transformed into an executive agency a new curriculum was adapted, with more formalized and specialized training modules. Many staff and students find the curriculum too theoretical and not practical enough. Meanwhile, deteriorating teaching and learning facilities as well as high levels of absenteeism present serious challenges to the acquisition of artistic skills. High tuition fees have been introduced in an effort to generate more income for the college, resulting in a more elitist student body. These days, the majority of students are not interested in pursuing a career in arts, but seek a diploma to advance their position in other professions. By contrast, auditions and examinations are highly ritualized, while an elaborate graduation ceremony frames the rituals of schooling at TaSUBa.

Video 1:Art training in practice

Photo 1: Marimba class under mango tree

Photo 2: Drumming class in temporary classroom.

Photo 3: Choreography class at mango theater

Photo 4: Drama class in one of the classrooms

Photo 5: Drama class on main stage

Photo 6: Choreography class by Norwegian teacher Ingrid Remmen

Video 2: Dance choreography with Ingrid

Photo 7: Practical exam for dance

Photo 8: The late Mzee Bazil Mbata tuning the ngoma (drum)

Photo 9: Julia Salmi’s practical dance-exam in her first semester

Video 3: Bugobogobo by Julia Salmi

Photo 20: Practical exam for drumming

Photo 11: Elaborate examination forms

Photo 12: Staged exam for traditional music

Photo 14: Theoretical exam in flexible hall

Photo 15: Examination rules and instructions

Photo 16: Auditions for prospective students

Photo 17: Nina Stanley interviewed by TaSUBa tutors

Photo 18: Teachers inspecting fine art exhibition

Photo 19: Prospective music students performing on mango stage

Photo 20: Sixmund Begashe managing stage technology for music auditions

Photo 21: Students in elaborate costumes during graduation ceremony

This material is an accompaniment to Digital Drama: Teaching and Learning Art and Media in Tanzania.