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With an estimated 500 million users worldwide, it is no surprise that Facebook is increasingly popular in Tanzania. Group discussions at TaSUBa revealed that Facebook is used by a growing number of students, especially younger ones. While only 27% of 3rd year students used Facebook, the figure grew to 36% among 2nd year students and 47% among 1st year students. Seeing that over half the students at TaSUBa have not used Internet before they join the college, their first use of the Internet coincides with their first use of Facebook. In Digital Drama, Facebook use is analyzed in relation to identity, networks, friendship, and the cultural meaning of pamoja (togetherness). The images presented here are Facebook profile photos by David Estomihi aka David Ndosi/Dauu. Welcome to visit his blog Sanaa to enjoy more of his art work.

Photo 1: Tribal identity: wachagga name and date of birth

Photo 2: Kilimanjaro: home of the Wachagga

Photo 3: National identity: colours of the Tanzanian flag

Photo 4: M-prefix for people + tiizii-Tanzania domain name .tz

Photo 5: Pan-African identity

Photo 6: Language mix: English + Kiswahili

Photo 7: Cosmopolitan identity: modern visual artist

Photo 8: Visual artist with modern work ethics 

This material is an accompaniment to Digital Drama: Teaching and Learning Art and Media in Tanzania.