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TaSUBa has a collaborative project with the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU), geared at developing a training program in multimedia. The training program includes extracurricular classes taught by HKU students who spend 8-10 weeks at TaSUBa. In academic year 2008/2009, three young Dutch students, Alexander Mooij, Marlyn Spaaij and Laura Roncken held courses in documentary film making, computer animation, and music composition. The computer animated song Nakupenda Afrika was one of the productions they made with students. In Digital Drama, Nakupenda Afrika is analyzed in terms of cosmopolitan world making. Multimedia production is also discussed in terms of patterns of digital stratification.

Photo 1: Alexander, Laura, and Marlyn checking their email at the ICT building

Photo 2: Alexander helping students record sound track for documentary video

Photo 3: TaSUBa student exploring computer-based music production

Photo 4: Laura editing video documentaries with students

Photo 5: Hands-on tutoring

Photo 6: The Holy Grail: State-of-the-art iMac cooled with rusty old fan

Photo 7: David Estomihi and his fellow students preparing images for Nakupenda Afrika

Photo 8: Split pins to facilitate animation of hand-drawn figures

Photo 9: One movement at a time captured by camera and transferred to laptop

Photo 10: Moulding letters of clay for the title

Video 1: Nakupenda Afrika

Nakupenda Afrika


Yeye ye oh yee!
Nchi yangu Afrika
Yeye ye oh yee!
Karibu Afrika
Yeye ye oh yee!
Bara langu Afrika

1. Verse

Watu wanafurahi
Mandhari safi tena ya kuvutia
Tazama milima, mabonde na mito
Mbuga za wanyana wanyama tena wa kupendeza Afrika.

Chorus: Ninakupenda Afrika. Bara langu Afrika
Japo mi sina pesa, nakupenda Afrika x 2

2. Verse

Uhaligani Afrika
Dunia nzima wanakujua
Karibu nyumbani Afrika
Karibu twende shambani
Karibu kwa bibi na babu
Ujionee maajabu
Oh maajabu ujionee maajabu
Karibu kwetu Afrika


Karibu muka tata!
Karibu nyumbani!
You are welcome Africa, especially Tanzania



Yeye ye oh yee!
My country Africa
Yeye ye oh yee!
Welcome to Africa
Yeye ye oh yee!
My continent Africa

1. Verse

People are happy
Good and attractive atmosphere
See mountains, valleys and rivers
National parks and beautiful African animals.

Chorus: I love Africa. My continent Africa
Although I don’t have money, I love you Africa x2

2. Verse

Hi Africa
The whole world knows you
Welcome home to Africa
Welcome let us go to the farm
Welcome to grandmother and grandfather
Come to see for yourself the amazing things
Oh amazing come to see amazing
Welcome to our Africa


Welcome home!
Welcome home!
You are welcome Africa, especially Tanzania
Let us celebrate!


This material is an accompaniment to Digital Drama: Teaching and Learning Art and Media in Tanzania.