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Tuwaenzi Wakongwe

Tuwaenzi Wakongwe! Let us Honor the Legends! A commemorative event in honor of past teachers at TaSUBa on 17 December 2010. The event was organized by Hussein Masimbi and other tutors at the college, after the passing of Master Musician and TaSUBa tutor Mzee Bazil Mbata on 13 October 2010. Artists performed for free and the ticket price was kept low so that TaSUBa and the Bagamoyo community could share the moment through the cultural ethos of pamoja (togetherness). The event was a huge success and it brought back the spirit of sanaa (art) at TaSUBa. Digital Drama investigates how TaSUBa lost sanaa in the first place, and with it the spirit of the nation.

Video 1: Drumming for the masters.

Photo 2: Promotional Poster in Facebook

Video 2: Improvised tribute.

Photo 2: TaSUBa students performing a traditional dance in honor of past teachers.

Video 3: Dancing for the legends.

Photo 3: Audience in appreciative interaction with performers

Photo 4: Acrobatics – a gift from China during ujamaa

Photo 5: Master Musician Chacha performing solo with his litungu.

Video 4: Chacha on litungu.

Photo 6: Vitali Maembe calling his ancestors

Photo 7: CHANJO (vaccination) is on sale

Photo 8: Pamoja!

Video 5: Mwali Selina by Maembe.

Video 6: Master Musicians Matitu, Mbata, and Digalo.

This material is an accompaniment to Digital Drama: Teaching and Learning Art and Media in Tanzania.