Digital Drama: Teaching and Learning Art and Media in Tanzania

Karibu TaSUBa!

The Government of Tanzania established Chuo Cha Sanaa Bagamoyo or Bagamoyo College of Arts (BCA) in 1981. The idea was to develop artists through practical arts training, to contribute to the government's efforts to revive, preserve, promote and develop Tanzanian culture. Tutors at the college were drawn from the National Troupes in Dance, Acrobatics, and Drama that were established after independence, later reconfigured as the National Performing Arts Company. In 2007, Chuo Cha Sanaa was transformed into an executive agency, hence Taasisi ya Sanaa na Utamaduni Bagamoyo (TaSUBa). The college is located in Bagamoyo order to retain connections with traditional rural culture. A small town some 75 kilometers north of Dar es Salaam, Bagamoyo is known for its history of coastal trade, slave trade, missionaries, and German colonial rule, as well as African liberation movements. It is also known for witchcraft and politicans often visit Bagamoyo in preparation for elections. Bagamoyo stems from bwaga moyo, which means lay down your heart. South of Bagamoyo is Kaole, a historical trading post.


Map of TaSUBa campus. Design by David Estomihi


Video 1: Around TaSUBa with Nina.


Photo 1: Main entrance to TaSUBa


Photo 2: Path leading past new theater to administration and beach


Photo 3: Administration building with Nyerere statue


Photo 4: Mwalimu Julius Nyerere.



Photo 5: Master Plan for infrastructure development.


Photo 6: Flexible hall constructed according to Master Plan


Photo 7: Mwembe (mango) theater.


Photo 8: Fine arts building with classrooms


Photo 9: Remaining mural after theater reconstruction


Photo 10: ICT building with Internet room.


Photo 11: Notice board – the main information hub on campus.


Photo 12: TaSUBa library serving 120 students


Photo 13: Old and new student dormitories


Bagapoint where students and teachers hang out

Photo 14: Bagapoint where students and teachers hang out


Bagamoyo beach on a Sunday afternoon

Photo 15: Bagamoyo beach on a Sunday afternoon


Photo 16: German Cemetery


Photo 17: Shop near campus selling snacks


Photo 18: Private theater built by the late Mzee Godwin Kaduma


Photo 19: Reconstructed historical road to fish market and art shops


Photo 20: Fishing boats waiting for high tide


Photo 20: Renovation of German Boma


Photo 21: Kaole ruins


Photo 22: Former training center for FRELIMO in Kaole


Photo 23: Bagamoyo bus station with dala dala (local bus)


Video 2: Walking around Bagamoyo