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Chapter 2: Woman, Running

You are

if you run, you are
see yourself as a runner
athlete woman run

AUDIO: Fourth Place Gay Games 9 10K Race

Feminist Run

run as strategy
physical mouthed resistance
strong-sweat out the shoulds 

In Woman, Running, Faulkner presents an autoethnography using creative nonfiction to show her embodied experiences of running while female.  She tells the story of an emerging feminist consciousness from grade school to the present, connecting close relationships and running practice by using her poetic analysis on women and running, which includes participant observation at the 2014 Gay Games.  This chapter tells a story of woman as runner, woman as feminist runner, woman as feminist partner runner, and woman as feminist mother runner. Scenes of running in everyday contexts, in road races, with friends, and not running because of physical and psychic injuries are interspersed with the use of haiku as running logs to make an aesthetic argument for running as feminist and relational practice. 

This web-based material is an accompaniment to the book Real Women Run: Running as Feminist Embodiment by Sandra Faulkner.