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Music: Different Masks

1. Different Masks

Rap song about body image written and produced by a tenth grade boy


Living day by day and I’m ashamed
That society and the media changed in a bad way
We judge the people that are anorexic or overweight
We think it’s funny but outside the box
It really ain’t
We make them feel bad
We don’t notice
cause they crack a joke back
But inside they’re dying, feeling hopeless but still laugh
Cause they’re holding all the tears till it’s night
When they are alone and comfortable enough to cry

It used to be about who was funnier in class

But now it’s all about who wears the most expensive brands
And every single day, you wear a different mask
Cause if you wear the same people might call you a lame
And you’re afraid
But you’re still acting like someone you ain’t
Makes you fake
In order to be cool you wear expensive shades
Just to hide your face

While you walk around them brand new Michael Jordans
Just remember, shoes aren’t important
Because when you die they won’t remember what you wore right
They’ll only remember if you were being real at the time
And I got a million things on my damn mind
That people said and did and was a hidden crime
Like calling people names, and thinking it was fine
Or pushing tripping someone till they no longer had pride

2. Untitled Cello Sonata

Written by a twelfth grade boy.

This material is an accompaniment to Schooled on Fat.